Contiki modernises its brand in prep of anticipated travel recovery



There is currently a significant optimism when it comes to the travel industry, following the global pandemic’s restrictions on young people’s ability to travel over the last two years. Contiki, whose main market is travellers between the ages of 18 and 35, has set ambitious goals for 2022, kicking it off with an exciting brand evolution.

Contiki’s new look and feel is rather eye-catching and signifies their optimism when it comes to the travel sector, which meets the most recent needs of Gen-Z and Millennial travellers. The famous travel brand has also realised its ambition of becoming entirely carbon neutral, refreshing its positioning and focusing on fun, social experiences and sustainability that it has been associated with for the past 60 years.

Kelly Jackson, managing director of The Travel Corporation, says: “During these strange times, we took some time to really understand what our travellers will want when the so-called ‘new-normal’ arrives. We thought about our position and how we communicate Social Travel, something the world has dearly missed. We focused on the things that are uniquely us: sharing incredible experiences, with brilliant people and a sense of fun, humour and community. We really feel we’ve bottled this feeling with our lively new brand evolution. We can confidently say: ‘We look how we feel.’”

Contiki’s new look and feel is energetic and expresses the brand’s values, with Contiki Green leaning into the energy, power and wonder of the feelings the brand creates with its unique trips. Jackson says that the brand’s new look places community at the heart of everything they do and that it expresses the emotional excitement of sharing your first travel moments with new friends from all over the globe.

Contiki travellers
Contiki travellers. Image: Supplied

She also says that one thing the pandemic has brought into significant focus for Contiki, was the importance of their global community.

“Even when we were locked down in our homes, we were still connecting, still dreaming about travel and co-creating some inspirational content with our travellers and partners. Even when we couldn’t travel, those special social bonds that are made on a Contiki trip endured – and that is truly unique to us.”

Therefore, in 2022 and beyond, the Contiki brand will live by its philosophy of ‘Travel.Together’, which reflects travelling with one another, among cultures we enjoy while keeping the environment in mind.

Contiki Green also represents the brand’s take on sustainability – a new kind of green.

“Contiki trips are intelligently designed to be 100% carbon neutral, but sacrifice none of the fun or wonderful experiences to achieve this,” says Tasha Hayes, Contiki’s Sustainability Officer.

“We know that sustainability is incredibly important to our travellers, but so is a complete travel experience and having a great time.”

Contiki travel company
Contiki travel company. Image: Supplied

Contiki’s 2022 goals include continuing its global expansion in the 18 – 35 market, as they have been seeing encouraging signs of a meaningful travel recovery in the past two months, according to Adam Armstrong, the brand’s CEO.

“Our travellers are resilient, confident and eager to resume their travels. We’ve developed this exciting new positioning with their help,” he says.


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