Chicago Police promise increased CTA patrols, but riders don’t see more officers


CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Police say they are stepping up patrols on CTA trains across the city after recent violence, including a shooting on a Red Line train Saturday. Those patrols were set to begin Sunday, but riders say they haven’t noticed any changes. 

“It was just a normal train ride,” Said Jakyia Dean. “No police officers and when I look out the windows, no police officers or anything.” 

After a man was shot on a CTA Red Line train car in the Chatham neighborhood early Saturday morning near the 79th Red Line stop, riders were hoping to see a change.

“I didn’t see no police officers on the train. I was looking for some. I know the incident that happened on the Red Line that the man got shot,” said Albert Moore. 

During a press conference in response to Saturday shooting, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said more officers would be on trains starting Sunday. 

“Our department continues to expand our presence on the CTA, as well as our proactive policing strategies through adding more and more Chicago Police officers for the CTA. So we’re adding another contingent to the CTA tomorrow,” he said. 

“I ain’t seen it yet,” said Moore. “I’m just waiting, just to see if they’re going to honor what they’re saying.”

CBS 2 reached out to the CTA about when they’ll bring back the K-9 security guard teams and was told it would be a week or two. 

“But it is the weekend,” said Moore. “Maybe Monday, maybe. I don’t know. I’ll be on the red line Monday too, so we’ll see what’s going down after that.”

CBS 2 asked CPD why riders didn’t see more officers Sunday. Police said they will be able to clarify that with an additional press conference Monday.  

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