Chicago City Council to hold hearing on Sneider Apartments in Rogers Park where 3 women died


CHICAGO (CBS) — As we head into a week of extreme heat in Chicago, city leaders are still trying to get answers from the managers of the James Sneider Apartments in Rogers Park.

That’s the building where three women died last month from sweltering heat.

On Monday, the City Council Housing Committee passed a resolution to hold a hearing on what went wrong.

Alderwoman Maria Hadden (49th) requested the hearing. She wants owners from the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation to be there along with tenants.

“We’re working on the legislative side to make sure we’re updating code,” Hadden said. That we’re clarifying things, to do our best in supporting the health and safety of residents, but we need building management and building owners to also take their responsibility in making sure they’re protecting the health and of their residents.” 

The passing of the resolution means it will now be discussed during the next City Council meeting set for next Wednesday.

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