Celtics fan gets NBA title tattoo despite team not winning


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Jack Bienvenue will have to live with this tattoo for the rest of his life.

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The 18-year-old diehard Boston Celtics fan was so confident his favourite team would win the NBA Championship that he got a tattoo that reads “Boston Celtics 20222 World Champions” back in March.

Unfortunately, neither the teen nor his tattoo could predict the future as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Celtics Thursday 103-90 to win the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy.

In an interview with The Athletic, Bienvenue said he doesn’t regret the fresh ink and intends to keep it on his left arm.

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“I don’t think I’d get it lasered off because it’s part of me,” he said before Game 3 of the NBA Final. “If they end up losing and then they win like next year, after they win I could get it corrected. Get the two lasered off and get a three.”

The New York Post reported the Cape Cod Technical High School grad got the tattoo at a time when the Celtics took control of the fourth seed en route to a run in the NBA playoffs.

The 18-year-old super fan was so confident the Celtics would secure the NBA Championship that he would commemorate it with the tattoo.

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“My friend said, ‘No you wouldn’t.’ So I was like, ‘Screw you guys, I’m getting it done,’” Bienvenue told The Athletic.

Bienvenue got the tattoo at Hotline Tattoo in Cape Cod, Mass., with artist Taylor Lindley behind the needle.

Lindley said he’s been tattooing for close to two decades and has “seen a lot of weird stuff come through, but this one really stood out.”

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