Canadian Grand Prix Odds: Verstappen Favored Up North


You can check out the full Canadian Grand Prix odds board as well as a breakdown of the key favourites below.

Driver Odds to win Canadian GP
Max Verstappen -120
Sergio Perez +275
Charles Leclerc +333
Carlos Sainz +1,400
George Russell +3,300
Lewis Hamilton +3,300
Lando Norris +10,000
Pierre Gasly +15,000
Valtteri Bottas +20,000
Fernando Alonso +25,000
Daniel Ricciardo +25,000
Esteban Ocon +35,000
Yuki Tsunoda +50,000
Sebastian Vettel +50,000
Kevin Magnussen +75,000
Mick Schumacher +100,000
Lance Stroll +100,000
Guanyu Zhou +100,000
Alex Albon +200,000
Nicholas Latifi +300,000

Odds courtesy of bet365 as of June 13, 2022.

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Canadian Grand Prix favourites

Max Verstappen (-120)

In a pretty shocking turn of events, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has completely taken over the F1 Drivers’ standings. Since a DNF in the season-opening race in Bahrain, Max has won five of the last seven races, further solidifying his position and status as last year’s World Champion.

With that, he quickly flipped what was an early-season gap between him and Charles Leclerc and now has built himself a 34-point lead over the Ferrari racer, while also leading his teammate Sergio Perez by 21 points.

He hasn’t dominated qualifying like Leclerc, but his consistency and stellar race pace continue to place him atop the board, this week as a -120 betting favourite.

Sergio Perez (+275)

For the first time this season, someone not named Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc is occupying the No. 2 spot on the pre-qualifying board.

This week, that spot belongs to Sergio Perez, who continues to impress with career-best form. The Mexican has a victory (Monaco) and four runner-up finishes in his last six races and enters Canada with odds of +275, behind just his teammate, Max Verstappen.

Charles Leclerc (+333)

What once looked like a couple of bumps in the road has now turned into a season-shifting disaster for Ferrari and their lead driver, Charles Leclerc.

The lead he built up in the Drivers’ standings has quickly disappeared as he now finds himself in third place, shockingly behind both Red Bull drivers.

While he’s been the best single-lap racer this season, without the race pace to match, he’ll continue to fall even further behind.

Canadian Grand Prix starting grid

Check out the full starting grid after Saturday’s qualifying session!

Understanding F1 betting odds

The most popular way to bet on Formula 1 odds is by simply picking the winner of a particular race. Other popular F1 betting options include which car/constructor will win and whether or not a particular race car driver will end up on the podium with a Top-3 finish.

F1 race odds usually look like this:

This means that on a $100 bet, you’ll stand to profit $1,400 if Perez wins that particular race. If one driver is especially dominant, you might see a minus sign (-) ahead of that driver’s odds like this:

This means that you would need to bet $120 to win $100 on Verstappen winning the race.

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