Billie Eilish: Teen pop sensation no Bad Guy as she chats to fans before Belfast show



BILLIE Eilish fans were left starstruck on Friday night after the teen pop idol greeted them in person outside Belfast’s SSE Arena.

he acclaimed American singer-songwriter made the impromptu appearance ahead of her headline show which was the first stop on her European tour. Young fans had been eagerly queueing outside the arena for hours ahead of the gig and were stunned when the Bad Guy singer popped her head over a wall to say hello.


Fans were gobsmacked when Billie Eilish came to meet them outside her headline Belfast show

Smiling, waving and posing for pictures the singer sent her devoted fans into raptures.

Izzy Todd (18), from Belfast, had been queuing from early in the morning and told Sunday Life: “She lent over the wall and spoke to the group of us who were there for several minutes which was so special as lots of us had been queuing all day…

“I don’t know what she was leaning on but she reached down and asked us who we all were and so on.

“She was so lovely.

“She was saying that she was having to choose between the songs Halley’s Comet or Everybody Dies on her set list and so we were all saying how that’s such a difficult choice to make.”


The singer-songwriter was kicking off her European tour in Belfast

After some discussion the fans suggested she should pick Halley’s Comet and Izzy was able to share a tender moment with her idol as the pair held hands. Ms Todd continued: “It was like a best friend connection rather than an artist and a fan. I was able to tell her what she meant to me.

“She told us she loved us all. It was very special. She’s so down to earth.

“I’ll never forget it. Whenever you think it’s not possible to love someone any more, she outdoes herself.”


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