Bill Belichick could coach lacrosse after NFL career concludes


Bill Belichick may not be done coaching when his NFL career concludes.

Paul Rabil, a co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse League, joined Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” this week. He was asked point-blank if he’s ever had a conversation with Belichick, a known lacrosse aficionado, about coaching in the league.

“Yes,” Rabil answered.

Is he interested in the proposition?

“Yes,” Rabil said, again.

Belichick has been a fan of the PLL for a number of years, and appeared on the league’s game broadcasts.

“I feel like he would win in the first three seasons of coaching, if not sooner,” Rabil said. “I don’t think he really coaches football. He just coaches. He coaches human beings. He’s so good at it.”

Belichick was a captain of the lacrosse team at Wesleyan University. All three of his children played lacrosse in college; his daughter, Amanda Belichick, is the head coach of the Holy Cross women’s lacrosse team.

Bill Belichick could coach professional lacrosse when he is done in the NFL, according to a co-founder of the PLL.
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“The skill level of the players, both athletically and in their stick-work, and how quickly they transition and play team defense and clear the ball — it’s a lot of fun to watch. Better than when I played, I’ll tell you that,” the legendary NFL coach said in 2020.

His appreciation of the game and its athletes are obvious. His former New England receiver Chris Hogan played at Penn State on a lacrosse scholarship long before winning a pair of Super Bowls with Belichick. Hogan went on to play in the PLL

“The number of draft picks that come out of nowhere and turn into stars — even lacrosse players, [Belichick] has a knack for bringing them over into the NFL,” Rabil said. “I just think he understands the nuance of sports and the blueprint of winning better than anyone.”

It would be speculative at this point to figure out when Belichick, 70, will be done coaching in the NFL. There are also other options besides lacrosse that one could envision for him, like coaching football at a military institution for example, but it would hardly be stunning for him to coach lacrosse — and to win.

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