Are these pooches the coolest pups in the UK?



Rex and Daisy cool off in the pool at doggy day care Bruce's (photo: Bruce's)
Rex and Daisy cool off in the pool at doggy day care Bruce’s (photo: Bruce’s)

Dogs play it cool as temperatures rise

Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but we could certainly learn a thing or two from man’s best friend as the mercury rises.

When it comes to cooling off in the baking heat many of us have been enjoying, these pooches have the paw-fect solution.

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Happy days in the sun for this cool pooch (photo: Bruce’s)

Rex and Daisy were captured splashing around as much of the UK savoured soaring temperatures.

Rex and Daisy have been living their best life (photo: Bruce’s)

Alongside their fellow companions at award-winning doggy day care, Bruce’s, in Surrey, the dogs have been living their best life, cooling off in the pool and enjoying icy treats.

Bruce’s has shared some top tips for keeping our pooches cool when the sun is shining:

1 Hydration

This one is super obvious but also the most important. Make sure your dog is drinking plenty of water and keeping hydrated.

2 Cool mats and cool coats

Invest in a good cool mat or coat and it will help keep your dog’s body temperature at a healthy level, allowing them to play in the sun for longer.

3 Shade breaks

If going on walks or letting them run in the garden, make sure there are shaded areas where your dog can stop and take a breather without direct sunlight.

Taking a dip can help a dog to cool down (photo: Bruce’s)

4 Take a swim

If you can, choose a walking route that has a body of water that it’s safe for your dog to take a dip in, or treat them to a paddling pool in the garden when you get home.

5 Frozen treats and ice cubes

Frozen treats or even just ice cubes make a tasty treat for your dog that will help keep them cool.


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