Alberta’s internet contracted to Bell Canada



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Service Alberta announced on Friday Bell Canada has been given a contract to operate the province’s SuperNet.

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The contract was previously held by Axia, an Alberta-based company, whose rights to operate the network had been extended until June 30, 2018. Axia CEO Art Price previously raised alarms that switching operations from one company to another takes time and warned that access to the network could be interrupted.

In a statement, Service Alberta ensures there will be no interruptions of service as operations switch over to Bell Canada.

The SuperNet was built in 2001 to connect public institutions and to provide rural Albertans with high-speed internet. It currently connects 250,000 Albertans in 429 communities across the province, including many schools, hospitals, libraries and government offices.

“We know that the internet is not a luxury — it’s an essential service for families and key to building a modern, diverse economy,” said Minister of Service Alberta Brian Malkinson in a statement.

“This new SuperNet contract ensures that Albertans will continue to have access to internet services in their schools, hospitals, libraries and public services. It also means that local internet service providers are able to keep us connected to the services we need.”


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