Africa’s first voco hotel officially opens its doors in Rosebank



While the hotel already started hosting guests from February this year, they are now eager to share their hospitality with both South Africans and international tourists alike.  

Talking to guests at the grand opening about the design of the hotel, Haitham Mattar, SVP Managing Director IMEA, said incorporating Workshop 17 and Proud Mary, the restaurant in the lobby of the hotel, was done really smartly as he believes these outlets bring the local community right into the lobby of the hotel.

“What’s more beautiful in South Africa than the South Africans themselves?”

While it might be an international brand, all the stakeholders of voco designed the hotel with the vision of South Africans feeling just as comfortable and at home at the property as international tourists would.

General Manager Jessica Redinger at voco The Bank Johannesburg Rosebank described the new hotel as an architectural gem.

“We highlighted that through our mix of vintage and ultra-modern décor and design.”

She added that they tried to keep an atmosphere of friendly but playful sophistication throughout, with original local art and cheerful voco brand mascots.

Natalia Rosa, CEO of Big Ambitions, echoed this, saying guests can expect to find playfulness, dedication to sustainability and incredible uniquely South African artworks adorning the walls of the hotel.

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A unique feature of the voco hotel is in its architecture and the South African artwork across the building.

There are more than 700 artworks dotted throughout the hotel and building, as well as two Eduardo Villa sculptures in the public spaces.

A special one, in particular, is a A 400sqm mural by Cameron Platter in the courtyard. The space is made for anyone who believes holidays are for serenity and relaxation. From the inside of the courtyard, you are surrounded by the iconic ‘The Bank hotel’ black building. During our meditation session, we managed to block out the surrounding noise of the city and filter in the sounds of chirping birds that fly in and out of the rectangular-shaped sanctuary.

Some other interesting facts worth knowing about this stunning new property is that the hotel is called The Bank because it was once, quite literally, a bank: an FNB bank built in the 1970s.

Worried about load shedding ruining your holiday? No need to worry, as an onsite gas generator and a high-yield photovoltaic solar plant make the property 90% off-grid in terms of electrical usage.

Can’t find parking? An innovative space-saving carpark system stacks cars one above the other via a car-lift. How cool is that?

So, if you are looking for a playful but sophisticated getaway, voco is the place to be.

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