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Thinking of completing your student internship in the Netherlands? Make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. According to a study by ResearchNed, a quarter of interns in the lowlands are used as cheap labour.

Commissioned by the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO), the study surveyed 4,900 students completing their internships.

And what did they find? Many companies don’t compensate their interns for the work they are completing, the NOS reports.

In fact, one in four are completing tasks that would be carried out by a regular employee — they’re just not getting paid like one. 👀

Cheap labour

The survey revealed that nearly half of the interns were receiving a grand total of €0 for their work. This was especially the case in sectors such as healthcare and education.

Of those who were receiving compensation, the amount varied greatly.

A significant amount of respondents also felt that too much work was being pushed their way, with 19% saying that they believed too many responsibilities were shifted onto their plate.

Compulsory internship compensation

The ISO is an organisation that represents students in higher education in the Netherlands, and it won’t stand for this treatment.

ISO chairwoman, Lisanne de Roos, tells the NOS that “an internship is your very first experience of the labour market. The personal growth of the student should be central there, and not the profit for the employer.”

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The ISO plans on tackling this issue for students. The organisation will advocate for clarifying the rights of interning students. On top of this, it wants to make internship compensation compulsory in the Netherlands. 💪

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