8 best walking shoes for women UK 2022



8 best walking shoes for women
8 best walking shoes for women

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What better time than now to purchase a new pair of walking shoes for the wide variety of amazing terrain this country has to offer?

Best walking shoes at a glance

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Why walking shoes, not boots?

Walking shoes differ in a number of key ways from boots – they’re more lightweight, less clumpy, often more comfortable and easy to transport.

They also work better in terms of dual usage – we would be very comfortable putting on a pair of walking shoes to go into town or to the shops, for instance. They can be breathable, very comfortable and easy to walk in.

Walking boots however, not so much – everyday usage of more clumpy, higher boot options can be tiring, hot and blister-inducing. Summer’s a great time to invest in more breathable shoes like the ones we’ve listed here.

Why walking shoes, and not exercise trainers?

They may look like trainers but make no mistake, these shoes mean business. If you’re frustrated by the poor performance of everyday trainers or sports shoes (and in some circumstances, taking these kinds of shoes out and about on certain terrain can be downright dangerous), then these options will make traipsing around in the muddy woods or trails a piece of cake.

What to look for in a walking shoe

Look for good ankle support, as these shoes are lower than standard hiking boots, so you’ll need some extra padding there to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

An easily cleanable upper material will work to your advantage too – leather or a wipe clean or easily machine washable material works the best here (if you use them right, you’ll definitely get them muddy!)

Look for good laces that do up well and nice and securely, and be sure to pay close attention to width – too narrow a shoe and your walking experience is likely to be rather less than optimum, indeed highly uncomfortable.

Get kitted out for your hiking and backpacking adventures.

Here are eight of our favourite hiking shoes for women on the market at the moment.

Keen Ridge Flex Waterproof

Keen Ridge Flex Waterproof

Scarpa Cyrus

Scarpa Cyrus


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